Sunday, October 17, 2010

Contest Time

Just kidding (but I am considering a contest).
I haven't been blogging in forever! My main reasons for quitting temporarily...
  •  Not enough time
  • Blogging about my job frustrates me
  • Trying to figure out more important things (new job, college stuff)
  • Other excuses I can't think of right now...
Whatever the reason is, it's gone now. I'm going to try and keep up with writing and bad grammar and all that stuff.

What I was thinking was that I should start up a contest of some sort? I get a lot of free crap for working at the theater. Shirts, posters, keychains, stuff like that. I don't need any of it really because it's just taking up I should hold contests to gain readers (lol) and get rid of some of my stuff! Scott Pilgrim fans better get ready cause I have a shitload of posters and pins.

Some awesome things...

  • I had to retake my drug test at my new job because I didn't pee enough the first time. I also have really bad pee shyness so I could barely pee the second time. It didn't help that there was some old lady talking to me the entire time I was trying to piss. This makes for a great icebreaker...
  • I've developed a new tradition. There's a photobooth that just got put in by the theater and I've taken so many pictures in it. Obviously I'm bad at decorating pictures. I don't know if I should clarify this or not, but I'm the blonde one.

1 comment:

  1. Shouldn't necessarily decorate photos unless you plan on doing a manipulation. Drawings over them isn't so much a good thing. :P