Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Choosing a Goddamn Seat at the Theater

I hate doing this. I don't think there's a such thing as a "perfect seat" unless I'm in "theater three." Theater three is where my sister and I first watched Scott Pilgrim. We both saw that movie seven times (wtf) and sat in the same spot every time. Scott Pilgrim4lyfe I guess.

All of our theaters are just a big bunch of seats with no aisle separating them except for on the sides. The only theater we have with a center aisle is the 3D theater.

One thing I noticed about the 3D theater is the "bromance seating." This is where one friend (usually a 25-30 year-old male) will sit on one side of the aisle and the other friend (again, 25-30 years old) will sit directly across from him on the other side. Whenever something cool or funny happens they will look at eachother, either giving "the nod" or "the smug laugh" to the other person.

Speaking of movie theater seating, isn't there a set of unwritten rules lying around somewhere that I can show people when they sit DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME?!  I'm a fan of waiting until movies die down a little before I go to them so my guest and I have the theater to ourselves. But usually there is one or two other groups of people in there with us. On more than one occasion one of the groups of people will sit either one or two rows directly in front of us. Why? Why would you do that? That's the equivalent of pissing in a urinal right next to someone else (I'm so bad at giving examples).

Do you usually sit in the same spot everytime you go to the theater? Or do you just sit wherever? Are you one of those people who stand around forever trying to find "the perfect seat?" Cause if you're one of those people then I don't like you.

Other news -
Saw Legend of the Guardians last night and I really liked it. I was waiting until it died down of all the little kids to see it. My sister and I had the theater to ourselves except one of my friends showed up with her mom. This pisses me off cause I invited her to come with us but instead of saying yes or no she just shows up with her mom! Wtf.

My month-long (lol) search for a second job has finally ended. I finally got a call back from one of them asking for an interview. This was two days ago that they called for an interview. So yesterday I had the interview and today around 4 PM they called saying I got the job. It is at a grocery store. But they also have a dining area where they sell Chinese food and stuff. So I'll be the cashier at the dining area.


  1. my local theater is horrible so i'm usually never there. the film is never correctly aligned with the screen. the place is ridiculously tiny and they put garbage bags over broken seats. it's really trashy there.

  2. I usually always try to sit in the middle

  3. Back middle for the win. Best sound, best 3D, good vantage point for throwing delectables.

  4. Why is your blog so fun to read? :)

  5. towards the middle. put feet on seat in front of me. no one can block me now!