Thursday, September 23, 2010

Do you see a question mark in the title of that movie?

No, there is none. Quit buying a ticket in the form of a question.
This happens all the time. Usually you know what movie you’re gonna go to before you leave your house, right? You don’t just walk up to the box office area and decide then, right? RIGHT?
Not where I work. Where I work, whenever I ask someone if I can help them it’s always the same thing, “I’m still deciding.”
After waiting at least 5 minutes for them to decide they finally come up to the counter. I saw Machete today so I’ll use it as an example…
“One ticket please.”
“To what movie?”
Also, above the ticket-purchasing area there is a sign with all the movies that are currently out. Whenever they ask the question they stare up at it.
One of my favorite things was when Eat, Pray, Love first came out. No one could figure out the title of the movie so they just winged it…
“Eat, Pray, Run”
“Pray, Run, and Eat”
“Eat, Pray, Live”
“That Julia Roberts Movie”
Guess what? I’ve been working usher again lately!~

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