Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Opinions on 3D Movies

I shouldn't have to be the one you're hearing this from, but everything nowadays is in 3D. If you can't make it good, make it 3D I guess.

I have only seen four 3D movies in my entire life:
  • Piranha
  • Toy Story 3
  • Resident Evil Afterlife
  • Cats and Dogs 2
What I don't get is what is the appeal of 3D movies? Does it make the picture clearer or better? Does it make it look like the movie is "coming at you?" I can't stand 3D and most of our customers complain upon exiting the theater that "NOTHING IN THAT MOVIE WAS 3D!!!"

I originally thought the reason I never saw anything in 3D was because I'm blind in my left eye. But after asking my coworkers if they can really notice a difference or anything between 3D and 2D they say no.

Another thing to add to my hatred of 3D? The 3D glasses. They are the most uncomfortable things I have ever worn. Usually if the movie starts getting boring I'll take the glasses off and watch the blurry screen for about ten minutes until the throbbing pain in my ears goes away.

The glasses used at our theater have to be collected and washed after each showing of the movie (we reuse our glasses because they're around $70 a piece). Many people complain about this or make up excuses so they can keep them...
  • "I paid for the glasses so I should get to keep them!" No, you paid for the movie, not the glasses.
  • "I lost them!" If they "lose them" we aren't allowed to let them leave until the glasses are found.
  • "Derp, how much for the glasses?" 
Why would you want to keep 3D glasses anyway? As a souvenir?
Do you know who we have to blame for this? James Cameron of course. It seems (at least I've noticed) that ever since Avatar, all movies have to be in 3D to get some extra brownie points on their already shitty reviews. Not trying to say Avatar got a shitty review or anything.

What is your opinion on 3D movies? Or 3D in general?

Other news -
I didn't win one of the three Resident Evil shirts my boss was having a drawing for. ;-;
I tried Sour Patch Kids for the first time ever today and they were Godly to say the least.


  1. The main concern for 3d glasses is to watch youtube videos in "3d" which is fucking retarded. People steal them just to try it out on youtube sometimes. 3d movies are completely over hyped, and I can find better shit in my toilet. "Look my shit is in 3d." hur hur hur.

    3D Movies are BS.

  2. I agree. 3D adds little to my moviegoing experience other than $5 and a headache. But I have to wonder if you're really qualified to speak on this topic if you haven't seen the one movie that almost everyone has seen in 3D. How did you manage to work at a movie theater and not see Avatar in 3D? It's faint praise for the effect that it made me overlook what a predictable mishmash of every sci-fi movie Avatar was, but that's more than I can say for bullshit exercises in throwing weapons, debris, and grasping hands at the audience (I'm looking at you, Beowulf and Resident Evil).

    But you wanna know the one movie that did 3D right? Captain EO. James Cameron's a fag until he can make a little Snarf-looking creature sit on the seat in front of me. MJ did that shit with computers that couldn't even outrun a Gameboy Advance!!

  3. You know, I used to think it might be fun to work at a movie theatre. Not so much now. But I still like the vests.

    I haven't tried this new type of 3D movie yet, just the old red/blue glasses. Doesn't seem worth it to me. I'll wait until we have 3D that doesn't require the dorkiness that comes with wearing bulky glasses for two hours.

  4. 3d often makes a movie worse. Whenever I see movies in 3D I usually fiddle with my glasses through the whole thing, looking for scenes that aren't all blurred up by 3d.

  5. @Ason - I've been working at the theater since May. Avatar came out way before then.
    Also, Resident Evil was made using James Cameron's 3D Fusion Camera System, whatever that is. So I'm assuming Resident Evil and Avatar are pretty close in 3D quality.