Friday, September 24, 2010

The Freshmaker

 Are you the type of person who sneaks food into the movie theater? I admit that I still do even though I am able to get free pop and popcorn (mainly I just sneak in candy).

People usually aren't too secretive when they sneak food in. But mostly I catch them too late so I just let them keep it. Tonight while cleaning out Easy A I found the goldmine of food snuck in by customers. My best find? Chinese food. Seriously, who brings in entire meals like that? I also found the fork they used four rows away from the actual food.

My boss offered me breadsticks (lol) to bring in last Tuesday but I declined because they were cold.

What food do I come across most while cleaning out theaters?

If the title of the blog or the picture didn't give it away the answer is Mentos. Seriously. I have no idea why, but everytime I work I find at least two Mentos wrappers. What do Mentos taste like anyway? Are they mints?  Just looked them up on Wikipedia and they come in a lot of flavors I guess.

Not sure if it's one regular customer who just sneaks Mentos in a lot or if our customers really like Mentos.

In other news...
  • I got a poster for Wall Street. Pretty awesome I suppose. Will look nice hung up next to my Marmaduke poster (just kidding, just kidding).
  • I changed my display picture to a cat. I forgot I had this picture saved in some dark corner of my computer. It looks much better than my old one I think.


  1. You know, a lot of wasted food is at movie theaters from my understanding. It's pretty hilarious too what methods these people use to sneak food in.

    One of my friends actually shoved French fries into her purse and took it out during the middle of the movie. I fucking lul'd

  2. What do you do if you catch people sneaking food in? Do you take it and eat it yourself?

  3. I just throw it away. There's a garbage can outside of every theater and it's my first reaction to throw it away. Usually all I take from people is pop bottles.

  4. That's strange, I bring my own popcorn

  5. I know what you mean - Aha Take on Me

    <3 sour war heads

    welcome to the loop <3 undead

  6. well... if the theaters won't charge so much for food, this wouldn't be an issue... 7 bucks for a bag of small popcorn, seriously?

  7. i would have loved to jack some chinese off some stupid punks

  8. people pay so much for popcorn and stuff at the movies just to throw out half of it after the movie.

  9. I used to sneak drinks ranging from a small can of soda/pop to a full Sobe bottle. I'd shove them down my pants and freeze my dick off until I got in the theater. No lie. I only stopped because the older I get, I can't drink 16oz of liquid and not have to piss before the movie's over.

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